B Y T E  G A L L E R Y o  f   d  i  g  i  t  a  l   a  r  t   &   m  u  s  i c

Mitchell Fine Arts Center

300 North Broadway, Lexington, Kentucky


The BYTE Gallery Kiosk is located on the wall across from The Rafskeller grill in lower level of the center.

About the BYTE Gallery!


The BYTE GALLERY is an interactive kiosk exhibiting digital art, music, and video works by artists, dramatists, musicians, and other multimedia artists from around the world, as well as works by Transylvania University students and faculty.


VISITORS navigate the gallery using a touch interface, experiencing works through a large display and headphones.


INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS feature works that are judged and selected by Transylvania University faculty for inclusion in the BYTE Gallery.  Professional artists, composers, and dramatists from around the world enter this competition.  These exhibits give Transylvania students an exclusive front row seat at the leading edge of international digital art and music scenes.


IT IS LOCATED in the lower level of the Mitchell Fine Arts Center, across the hall from the Rafskeller Grill and between the Faculty/Staff Lounge and the Digital Arts Technology Lab (The DArt Lab).


FOR more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Polashek, Director of the BYTE GALLERY.