200,000 baseball cards were created and distributed two seperate groups of people; 1) homeless men and women participating in the Word on the Street program at InkTank in Cincinnati and 2) recovering drug addicts enrolled in the residential treatment program at the Drop Inn Center--also in Cincinnati. You can find more images and writing submitted by the participants at http://headfirstslide.com/ -- a website created specifically for this project.

Head First Slide participants all received an email address and instruction for using their email account. This allows them to communicate with politicians and policy makers whom they would typically have no access to. Several of them continue active use of their email accounts and one of the participants experiencing homelessness now answers my emails on her web-enabled cell phone

Thanks to the talent and generosity of the participants this project received a great deal of national and international attention--spreading the voices of those experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati around the entire globe.