These works were created for exhibition at the Loudon House Galleries of Lexington Art League; housed in an 1850s castellated gothic villa.

Natural (unelectd) leaders grow within every community. They may be servers at food kitchens, hosts of neighborhood gatherings or act as the adopted parents/grandparents of every child on the block. This project honored such selfless commitments to the community--responding to the stated Lexington Art League goal of fostering neighborhood interaction.

I spoke with dozens of people and followed several leads to their natural conclusions before selecting two unique people for this project.
(click on the names for individual narratives)

This project includes life-size photographic reproductions of the original, architectural furnishings from the gallery space (relocated to another home over 100 years ago). All of the mirrors have been replaced with customized wallpaper. The wallpaper patterns were created through an understanding of how each of the selected people have become leaders of the community.