Enid's Original fortune cookie recipe
I have made over 10,000 individually-wrapped fortune cookies to give away during installations of 'Enid's Discovery' (found under the 'Video' heading). Each time I exhibit the work people ask me how to make fortune cookies. Although some of my cookies are individualized with chopped nuts, chocolate pieces, tofee and crushed candy canes most of them are made following this simple reciple (click on the enlarged, orange text).

Gingerbread House recipes
This gingerbread is architectural. It can be drilled and cut like wood (on a bandsaw) once it has cooked and cooled. The icing is an incredible adhesive which you will probably find yourself using to repair broken pottery once the house is complete. (I do not suggest eating this house)

Art Auction Form Letter

Art Auctions are fun events, but they are NOT advantageous to the artists who are asked to donate their work. Feel free to use this letter as you see fit (whole or in parts) as your own response when charitable organizations contact you about donating your artwork for their auction.