Murmuration of the Filth shows a flock (filth) of starlings gathering in the air over a communal roosting location. Filths like this one have exceeded a million birds and local pest controls have used intermittent air horns, explosives, poisons and even flame throwers to control the growing populations.*

The murmuration--like masses of people who appear to move and think collectively--is both beautiful and terrifying.

Flanking the video, and framed in backlit shovels, are photographs of work created by visionaries and eccentrics. They are driven to make things by a force seperate from (and arguably greater than) the art world. Their works suggest that people who identify themselves as artists are not nearly as creative or independent as they may strive to be.

Five wheelbarrow chairs invite viewers to sit (in migratory formation) and watch the murmuration which dips and sweeps to the rhythm of Ave Maria.


*(Extinct) Passenger Pigeons roosted in colonies containing billions of birds blanketing square miles of land. Currently the largest colonies are created by the Quelea of Africa