1 Transylvania College Bulletin, Vol. XI, No. 3, 1919. The Transylvania Medical Library, Charles A. Vance, Kentucky Medical Journal, Nov. 1946. Preface to Albert H. Buck, The Dawn of Modern Medicine, 1920.

   2 From miscellaneous papers (1801-U-55; 1805-U-43) in the Transylvania files:

"Recd this 31st December, 1801 of Andw M. Calla a circular glass for an electricity machine with a hole in the center for the use of the University. James Blythe"
"Rev. James BlytheBot. Of Thomas Biggs
May 1st, 18051 Surveyors Compass24.00
1 Solar Microscope45.00
1 electrical machine85.00
1 case instruments12.00
1 Seyen Inch Prism3.50
    Disct. 10 percent is16.95
Many other similar documents also are found in the files.

   3 Robert Peter, Transylvania University, Louisville, 1896.

   4 This initial study was supported, in part, by a research fund supplied jointly by the Carnegie Foundation and Transylvania College.

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