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    Tranyslvania's Museum of Medical and Scientific Apparatus contains many artifacts for which the uses are unknown. Some have the original labels with the manufacturer's name and address. We are asking you to help us. If you have any information pretaining to the identification to any of the following artifacts, please let us know. Thank you, and enjoy!
Listing of unknown artifacts

  1. Needle with Accessories (01-14)
         This double-barrelled steel needle is exactly one foot long. Each needle itself is nearly 4" in length. The use of this medical instrument is unknown.

  2. Unknown (no guess) (01-20)
         This unknown apparartus is 17" high and consists of a vertical brass rod which is split by a circular area containing a double hook mass of wire. Screws on the base allow the user to adjust the level of the base.

  3. Unknown (possible magnet) (02-02)
         Resting on a wooden tripod with supporting center leg, this unknown apparatus is possibly some sort of magnetic or electrical field generator, induced by the layer of red wires encompassing the hollow metal sphere suspended on the stand. This sphere also has the letters 'N' and 'S' written on opposite sides. Four glass rods (5" long, 1" in diameter) descend on each of four corners of the wooden platform. The metal sphere can be spun on a horizontal axis.

  4. Unknown (no guess) (02-03)
         Unknown apparatus 7" tall. The inner brass circle spins freely on a vertical axis.

  5. Unknown (no guess) (02-05)
         2.25" by 1" by 2.5" This unknown apparatus is made of wood, the use is unknown. There are 2 separate spinning systems, one vertical and one horizontal. The horizontal system spins a raised metal disc 9.5" in diameter.

  6. Unknown (no guess) (02-07)
         No Description.

  7. Unknown (possible vacuum pump) (02-18)
         Approxiamtely 30-31".

  8. 2 Unknowns (possible barometer and magnet) (03-02)
    - The possible barometer stands a little over 20". It has an engraving reading:
         Manufactured by Ziegler Elec. Co.
         Boston, Mass, U.S.A.
    - The possible magnet stands about 9.5". The two coils rotate freely around the columns they rest on, the center piece rotates and moves freely up and down. This piece is also missing a leg.

  9. Unknown (no guess) (03-08)
         This apparatus, measuring 13.5" by 21", has two horizontal rods that can be moved in and out and rotated in place. The base of the apparatus has a drawer.

  10. Unknown (brass stand) (03-15)
         Stands about 12" tall. The platform can be unscrewed from the supporting glass column.

  11. Unknown (possible thunder house) (03-16)
         Stands 12.5" tall. The tin roof can be removed, and the wall is hinged allowing a jug to fall out.

  12. 3 Unknowns (possible generator) (03-17)
    - The possible generator is rich with what appears to be battery acid. The crank of the device is busted off and the gears are either rusted in place or the acid-type substance has completely clogged the interior. The entire piece measures about 7.5 across.
    - The glass pump-type device is 14" tall when compressed, and is made if glass and wood.
    - Unknown

  13. Unknown (possible compasses) (03-18)
         Each of these apparatus, one standing 19" tall and the other 12.5", is labelled from 0 to 90 to 0 to 90 and back to the original 0 around the outer edge of the circle. The vertical piece of circular wood is wrapped with wire. The base of each has what appears to be places to attach wires. One theory is that the devices measure electrical currents.

  14. Unknown (possible model of the uterus) (04-12)
         About 10" wide.

  15. Unknown (no guess) (04-25)
         No Description.

  16. Unknown (labelled "Lightning") (04-28)
         ALOE Co., St. Louis Missouri. Donated by Clyde C Arnold, 1950 Graduate of Transylvania University.

  17. Unknown (possible microscope) (04-34)
         No Description.

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